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50 Most Engaging Social Media Updates


Don’t know what to say to engage your followers, so that you can get more traffic to your website and make more sales?

Here are 50 Fill-in-the-blanks status updates that are sure to get liked, re-tweeted and drive traffic to your website.

  1. “<quote>” – <name or handle of person who said it> #hashtag
  2. #Trivia: Who knows when our business first opened our doors? We’ll retweet the first winning answer.
  3. {Holiday|Season} is almost here! Get <bonus or discount> if you purchase within the next <number of days> days. Visit our store: <link to your store>
  4. <Article title>: <link to article> #hashtag by @handle
  5. <Photo caption> #hashtag <attach the photo>
  6. <topic your audience finds difficult> doesn’t have to be tough! Want <whatever benefit they get from mastering the topic>? Here’s a simple guide to how you can easily do it all by yourself: <link to guide>
  7. <Your industry title> buy today and get <special bonus or discount>. #<hash tag of holiday> <link to your online store>
  8. <Your opinion> > <Article title>: <link to article> #hashtag by @handle
  9. Missing out on my insider’s only advice, biggest discounts and most compelling offers because you’re not on my email list? Get on my list today: <link to your best converting email optin page>
  10. Are you on the road to failure? Be sure you don’t commit any of these <your industry> catastrophic mistakes. <link to blog post of common mistakes in your industry>
  11. Are you ready to get <compelling benefits>? You might feel that this was totally designed for you: <link to sales page>
  12. Bookmarking this: <link to especially good blog post>
  13. Busted! I caught you wasting time on social media again. Why not put your time to good use learning <topic that they care about>: <link to the post>
  14. Did you know that <strange fact>? <link to article> #hashtag
  15. Don’t know how to <something your reader really wants to do, e.g. generate traffic from social media automatically>? I created the ultimate guide to <topic>, so you’ll know exactly what to do. Get it here and become an expert at <topic> in no time: <link to your guide>
  16. Don’t let your <business activity> fail. Learn how to <business activity> here: <link to guide about activity> #hashtag
  17. Don’t waste your time and money on <alternatives to your product that do not work>. Instead, go here and start getting <benefit of your product> right now: <link to your sales page or email optin page that delivers one of your free resources>
  18. Everyone’s talking about this post on <topic> in our comments section. Join the conversation and say what you think: <link to blog post with a lot of great comments>
  19. Getting started with <topic>? These are the tools I use every day: <link to tools & resources page>
  20. Have you tried <amazing solution to a problem your audience has> yet? It might make life much easier for you. Check it out: <link to solution>
  21. Here are the exact <tools, resources or people> that I use every day to get <three big benefits>: <link to blog post that lists what you use to succeed>
  22. Here’s one of our most popular posts: <link to one of your most popular posts> Don’t miss out on it!
  23. How does <blog post topic> affect you? Please head over to our blog and share your thoughts in the comment section: <link to blog post about this topic>
  24. How to <topic> and <related topic>. Read this to avoid the pitfalls that snare everyone else: <link to tutorial>
  25. I get asked this question all the time: <question you get asked a lot> Here’s what I tell everyone: <link to post where you answer the question>
  26. I had a ton of fun writing this post because <reason why it was so much fun>. <title of blog post>: <link to blog post>
  27. I read everything <twitter handle or facebook name> writes. This is definitely not an exception: <title> <link to post>
  28. I’m so excited. <name of your blog> was featured in <name of blog where you were featured>. Check out the post and learn why <your business does something a certain way>: <link> Thanks to <screen name> for featuring me!
  29. I’m SUPER SERIOUS about this: <link to a post about something you always do and the reason why>
  30. Inspiring Quote
  31. Is <one side of controversial topic> better than <other side of controversial topic>? See which side I’ve landed in. The answer might surprise you: <link to post where you share your opinion>
  32. Just created my new {about|home|resources} page and I’d love to hear your feed back. What do you think? <link to your new {about|home|resources} page>
  33. Need expert advice on how to <do something>? Today we’re sharing <number> insider tips from <@username> #Tips
  34. Need help with <topic>? <screen name> covers everything you need to know: <link to their blog>
  35. New to <topic>? Here’s a quick intro to if you have questions about #hashtag: <link to intro to topic>
  36. Struggling with <solving a certain problem>? Here’s a guide that covers everything you need to know: <link to a guide>
  37. Struggling with <topic>? Here’s a cheat-sheet to get you unstuck fast: <link to cheat sheet>
  38. The secret of <something people want>. This is the ultimate resource to help you <benefit>: <link to ultimate guide>
  39. Think every <title of person in your niche> has to <task that they hate>. Think again, here’s why: <link to your blog post showing why that task is unnecessary or a way around having to do it>
  40. This is really important, if you don’t do this chances are you are going to struggle to <achieve some benefit>: <link to a blog post about a really important business fundamental>
  41. This is the one thing I always say NO to: <link to blog post about a common industry practice that you refuse to do and the reason why>
  42. This post <link to post> covered everything I needed to know about <topic>. I’ve never acted on what I learned so fast in my life. Thanks, <screen name>.
  43. Tons of valuable insight on #hashtag in this post by @handle – <link to post>
  44. Want <special offer, bonus or early access>? Once we hit <number of retweets> retweets. We’ll unlock this incredible <special offer, bonus or early access>.
  45. Want a spreadsheet of these tantalizing tweets so you can edit and use them? Enter your email below. I’ll send you the spreadsheet and also <list of bullet points>
  46. What is the best {tool|software|resource} to do <something important>? #<a relevant hash tag>
  47. Why didn’t I know about <screen name> sooner? Their post on <topic> totally rocked my world: <link to post>
  48. Wish you knew what happens when a <job title> tries to <something weird that you’ve tested>? Find out: <link to blog post about what you tested>
  49. You’re totally going to want to bookmark this one: <title and link to really in depth post on a topic your readers care deeply about>
  50. Are you ready to succeed at <topic>? This the best way to get <key benefit> fast: <link to blog post that lists what you use to succeed>