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Link Building Tips

You need more website traffic and links are still the number one ranking factor in search engines. So link building is still the most effective way to increase your traffic.  The problem is getting back links isn’t easy. Here are a few tips to boost your link building efforts:

  • Ask for links. Start with people who know you and then expand to people who don’t know you but might have interest in your content.
  • Build relationships. Ask more people get to know and like you, it’s easier to ask them to link to you.
  • Give testimonials and often you’ll get a link to your site in your testimonial.
  • Start a blog and write great content that people want to link to.
  • List your website in trustworthy web directories.
  • Write great guest posts to get back links.
  • Find out where your competitors are getting their links and build links from those places too.
  • Find people who are mentioning your website without linking to it and reach out to them and ask for a link.
  • Look for dead links on Wikipedia and create a webpage to replace the page that has gone missing then get those links updated to the page you create.
  • Locate search websites in your niche with phrases like “write for us” and write for them to get links.
  • Launch a scholarship writing contest and require that the essays are posted on a website and link to you.
  • Launch a writing contest to win something desirable and require that the essays are posted on a website and link to you.
  • Create a compelling infographic that people can’t help but link to.
  • Create a engaging list post that people can’t resist sharing and linking.
  • Use tools like BuzzSumo to see what types of content are getting links and emulate them.