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Ingenious Lead Generation Tactics to Beef Up Your Marketing

It can be tough to keep your sales pipeline full, so that you can keep the revenue rolling in. Use these ingenious lead generation tactics to skyrocket your revenues:

  • Create a brief video to illustrate the benefits of your offering.
  • Get your opt-in forms to convert better by not mentioning the word “spam” on them.
  • Make sure your call to action stands out.
  • Give only one choice in your call to action.
  • Create a highly valuable piece of content and ask for an email in order to download it.
  • Make your about page about how you can help your prospects, not all about you.
  • Blog on a consistent basis about things your ideal prospect thinks about.
  • Create evergreen content to attract your ideal customers.
  • Scan the followers of your competitors to see if they might be good prospects for your business.
  • Answer questions relevant to your business on Quora.
  • Place your slide decks on SlideShare and point them back to your landing page.
  • Watch for people tweeting about the problem your business solves and reach out to them.
  • Do noteworthy things and get on TV.
  • Find relevant events in your niche and speak at them.
  • Do joint ventures or partnerships with non-competitive businesses in your industry.
  • Give free copies of your product to influencers.
  • Get your existing customers to post testimonials and reviews on review sites.
  • Link to your landing page in your email signature.
  • Use email solo ads through services like LaunchBit.