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How To Get 1,000 Signups Per Month By Hacking Social Media

These are my notes on “How I Win 1000 Signups/mo. by Hacking Social Media” by Tara Reid. In it she shows you how to:

  • 10X your traffic using Twitter
  • Use Pinterest to get 1,000 subscribers per month

I think this is a highly effective method to hit 1,000 signups per monthly. My only reservation about it is that it will cost you at least $679 per month to replicate.

But, I’ll tell you how to implement most of this strategy for free.

How to 10X Your Traffic using Twitter

Socedo Strategy

  • Reid used Socedo to increase traffic from 1,000 visits per month to 10,000 visits
  • Socedo works by targeting people that use keywords that demonstrate interest in your product
  • Then following them, adding them to an “Art Lovers” list, liking their tweet 24 hours later and then direct messaging them if they followed back
  • Example direct message: “[first name]! Saw your tweets on art. If you’re interested in art, checkout Art Collecting School! Get started for free at”
  • How Socedo¬†drives traffic
    • They click your link in your direct message
    • They click your bio link
    • They click a link in one of your tweets
  • Of course you can do all of this manually or you can use Socedo
  • Socedo’s cheapest plan costs $300 per month

MeetEdgar Strategy

  • Reid used MeetEdgar to increase link clicks from 267 clicks/month to 3,500 clicks/month or more than 13x
  • Reid had 25 blog posts on her site and wanted to send one tweet for each blog post per day for 14 days
  • This meant writing and posting 350 unique tweets over two weeks
  • You could do this by hand, but that is a lot of work.
  • Instead she chose to use MeetEdgar
  • How MeetEdgar works
    • Write your tweets one time and put them into a queue
    • Schedule when they go out
    • Edgar posts the tweets and when it runs out of tweets, it starts over from the beginning of the queue
  • Edgar costs $79 per month

How to Hack Pinterest to Reach 1,000 Subscribers per Month

  • The Twitter strategies got Reid to 540 signups per month and the Pinterest strategy took her to 1,115 signups per month
  • Everyone is running ads on Facebook, Google and Twitter, so ad costs are high
  • But fewer people are running ads on Pinterest, so ad costs are low
  • Reid used a budget of $10/day and learned the following things:
    • Keyword targeting was better than interest targeting
    • Vertical images converted better than horizontal images
    • The best time to run ads was the afternoon and evening
    • People respond well to humor
  • Pinterest ad cost at $10/day, $300 per month

How to replicate most of this for free using elbow grease

  • First, you’ll need to skip the Pinterest advertising unless you are able to generate $1 in revenue for get $1 spent on Pinterest.
  • Next you can do everything Socedo does by hand.
  • After that you can do everything MeetEdgar does by hand.

How to replicate most of this for free without wasting your valuable time

  • We’ve built software that does what MeetEdgar does and we’re letting a select group of people use it for free for one year.
  • We’ve also built a prototype that does what Socedo does and we’re letting an even smaller group of people use it free for one year.
  • Combined you’ll have to pay at least $379 for MeetEdgar and Socedo per month forever. That is $4,548 per year.
  • And it’s probably worth it to get 12,000 signups for your business over the next year.
  • But if you want a chance to save $4,548 over the next year and get the same benefits, signup to our email list, reply to one of our emails and tell us why you’d like to use our software. If you have great reasons, we might give you the opportunity to use it for free.

To read Reid’s full article and see exactly how she got 1,000 signups per month visit:¬†