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How To Grow Your Business Without Working More

You probably want to grow your business, but you don’t want to work more. So how do you do it? Here are my notes on a few resources that will help you:


  • Start by designing your business to grow without you
  • Determine exactly why your business exists
  • Then hire people are just as passionate as you about your business
  • Hiring people who share your values is the only way to grow your business without working more

35+ ways to grow your business (without working more hours!) | Cailen Ascher

  • Create products and services that can be sold without you having to work more
  • Sell a digital product
  • Host an online webinar
  • Sell real products (you don’t have to manufacture them yourself)
  • Teach an online class
  • Create a monthly membership program
  • Sell affiliate products

3 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business Without a Lot of Money | Sujan Patel

  • Focus on marketing then you don’t have to work more to generate more business
  • Build a customer persona so you know exactly who you are selling to, what their pain points are, and why they want to buy from you.
  • Create content to educate your customers before they enter their buying phase
  • Build an email list from the very beginning
  • Leverage existing customers for growth: ask for referrals and reviews

How to Grow Your Business Without Hiring a Full-Time Employee | Alyssa Gregory

  • Hire people so that they can do some of the work for you
  • Hire a part time employee
  • Hire family and friends
  • Hire an intern
  • Hire independent contractors